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It's Thursday 3:39 PMWe're open

Weekdays: 12am to 8pm

Weekends: 12am – 6pm

Closed Wednesday

  • 2 climate controlled ranges
  • 13 Well-Lit lanes
  • Rifle and Pistol rated
  • 25 Yards
  • Target hangers
  • State of the art back stops
  • Firearms available for rent
  • Targets and ammunition available
  • Reduced exposure to lead dust
  • Cleaner and safer
  • Reduced bullet impact noise
  • All pistol calibers now accepted (steel case ammo not allowed on the range)

If you are bringing a youth who is not your child you will need a parent to sign this parental consent form.

Range Pricing 10AM-6PM

2 Person Range Rental
2 people 1 lane

Membership Pricing

1 person

Here is a 360 degree look in one of our 3 ranges.