Handgun One

This is perfect for a new shooter or someone that wants to reaffirm basic knowledge.  We will go over basic pistol parts and operation. We will show you how to break down and clean your pistol before moving into the range for hands on training. We will work on your basic knowledge and fundamentals like grip, stance, eye dominance test, sight alignment, and sight picture.

Handgun Two

This class refreshes and then builds upon the basic fundamentals learned in Handgun One, providing students with additional skills and emphasizing the balance of speed and accuracy. By the conclusion of Handgun Two students will feel extremely competent and confident manipulating a pistol in a variety of ways and will be ready to apply those in our advanced classes

You will need:
Semi-Automatic Pistol
50 Rounds of Ammo
Eye & Ear Protection
We are only allowing a limited number of students in each class.