This books our First Time Shooters or Intermediate Shooters Class.

These classes are taught in a one-on-one class.
We provide the firearm, ammo, instructor, eye & ear protection.

First Time Shooters

This is a perfect starter class, or just to reaffirm your basic knowledge. We cover grip, stance, eye dominance test, sight alignment and sight picture. This class is a private one-on-one training in a private range.

 Intermediate Shooters

The next step after First Time Shooters, this will prepare you for the Ohio CCW class. We cover shooting Righ/Left Handed, point shooting, shooting at different distances, controlled pairs/multiple shots, firearm manipulation.

We offer a bundle with First Time, Intermediate, and CCW class together.
This can be added at your first time shooters training. let the front counter know you would like to upgrade to the bundle.

We provide:

  • Firearm
  • Ammo
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • instructor
  • Private range